Recommended Pediatricians in Batesville and Greensburg Indiana.

Are you in search of a pediatrician in the Batesville and Greensburg area? I have gathered a list of potential pediatricians in the area. There are many offices in the area and you know your child the best. I hope this list will help you find the perfect doctor for your child. 

Children’s Health Care of Batesville and Greensburg

Location:124 State Road 46 West, Batesville, IN 47006

Hours: Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 7:30 pm, Friday: 8 am – 5 pm. Saturday: 8 am – 1 pm

Phone: 812-933-6000

They offer a sick call as walk-ins, no appointment needed, for established patients on Monday through Saturday, 8 – 10 am (check in by 8:30 am). This is great to know that your child can be seen quickly when a sickness is brought on quick. Well check ups are fun and exciting too. The office is very kid friendly. 

Currently, on their website, there are 5 doctors that are at the Batesville and Greensburg location. Dr. Poltrack, Dr. Beischel, Dr. Deiwert, Dr. Hartz, and Dr. Kelley. While I know there are more nurses that work at Children’s Health Care, on the website, Laura Kelly, and Karen Pollitt. 

Do you want a pediatrician office that is pro breastfeeding? One mom said, “One thing I LOVE about Children’s Healthcare is their open breastfeeding policy. They even have a sign on the wall. Every time that I am in, they will tell me to nurse as long as I want. Even if I am nursing when the doctor comes in, they will tell me to just come and get them when I am finished and don’t interrupt him or expect me to stop!”

Dr. John Gryspeerdt, MD with Margaret Mary Health

Specialties: Family Practice

Locations: Margaret Mary Medical Arts Center; 188 State Route 129, Batesville, IN, United States; 812-934-6400

Batesville Tool & Die Health and Wellness Center; 227 Six Pine Ranch Road, Batesville, IN, USA; 812-932-1480

Dr. Gryspeerdt practices Family Practice, however, he is highly recommended as a pediatrician for your children. In a facebook community post, a mother said, “Dr. Grysperrdt is awesome. We found him after several bad experiences with different doctors. He’s great with adults & kids. We love him & his nurse practitioner!”

Dr Feist, with Margareet Mary Heath

Specialties: Family Practice/Obstetrics/Gynecology

Location: 26 Six Pine Ranch Road, Batesville, IN, United States

Another doctor within MMH that works with younger children is Dr Feist.

A local mother has said, “He’s very understanding and relatable with our concerns/questions. My daughter has never been scared of him and lets her play with his tools. His office is great with calling for a concern and getting us in or getting back with me on what I should do.”

Dr. Maria Darr

Location: 317 N Franklin St, Greensburg, IN 47240

Phone: 812-662-0404

This is our pediatrician, we found her because our insurance at the time was not accepted with others in the area. I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH. She is great with my oldest who had fears of seeing the doctor. She noticed my daughter’s anxiety right away and adapted her exam for the individual needs of each child. I’ve never had an issue with finding a same day appointment when I call in the morning. If I need to get ahold of Dr. Darr after office hours, I can call the Decatur County Memorial Hospital and they’ll send her a page. She’s even called me back while she was overseas on vacation. She puts her patients first.

little girl holding her brother's hand in a flower field.

Transformational Healing Center

Location: 279 Central Ave Batesville, IN 47006

Phone: 812-932-3999

Transformational Healing Center is an alternative and Holistic Health Services. I have taken 2 of my 4 children to see Jennifer. My babies have sensitive stomachs and she has helped me identify food sensitivities. She is so crazy intuitive with the energy and knowing what your body needs. I highly suggest the Transformational Healing Center in addition to a medical practitioner. 

In conclusion, there are many great options of pediatricians and practitioners for your children in the Batesville and Greensburg area. Did I leave your favorite doctor off my list? Contact me with your favorite and let me know why, I’d love to add them to my post!

Mother holding her newborn with dad supporting the  baby's back.

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