Aside from capturing your candid moments, I’m a Mom, and an absolute caffeine addict (two things that may or may not be related, I’ll let you decide). You might not be able to tell from the moody tone of my images, but I’m actually really bubbly in person. Having a strong personality actually helps to shape my work – because I think it’s important for your personality to ooze from the images we capture of you and your family.

That’s part of why I prioritize making sure my clients are 100% comfortable in front of my camera (the first ten minutes don’t count though, everyone is nervous for the first few minutes!)

Your Bubbly Family, Newborn, and Milestone Photographer 

I'm Stephanie

am so glad you’re here! I’m originally from Ohio, so I’m really a Buckeye at heart. But now, I’m located in Batesville, Indiana, where my studio is under construction!


Say Hello

I met my husband while at Ball State and we got married in 2011. 

I became a mother in 2014 and have had a baby every two years up until 2020. That's 4 kids, if you're counting. I never would have thought I'd have a mini van full of little humans but here I am. 

My family is everything to me. I love being around them and I couldn't image life any other way. 


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My Family

My Favorite Things


My Favorite Things

I grew up dancing. As a kid, I spent 4-6 days a week at the studio. Dancing fulfills my soul, even to this day. You will find that I will play music at our sessions to help get more natural movements in our poses. 

So make sure you let me know your perfect playlist. Or I can be your DJ. 

Dance has always been a part of my life. I even majored in dance while at Ball State! 

My dance moves have evolved since becoming a mother, however, but I still have a gnarly kick ball change. 

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My Family


My Favorite Things

I love to travel. I love to see the world. And I always bring my camera :) 

I love the beach, the mountains, the valleys, you name it, I want to visit it. 

If I won the lottery, I would buy a beach house somewhere I could hear the ocean every night. There is something about looking off into the ocean with infinity stretched out into the horizon. 

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My Family


Milestone Session

"Stephanie has been so easy to work with! My kids always love being in front of the camera until it comes to professional pictures. BUT… Stephanie has a special way of getting them to open up and be themselves, which I have been so grateful for. There have been times I go home and think “I hope we got at least one good one.” And there are always so many ‘good’ ones to choose from, because Stephanie does amazing work! "

Milestone Session


"I absolutely LOVE working with Stephanie!! She is phenomenal at capturing great candid photos with young children both cooperating and not! She makes everyone feel at ease, able to get the kids to laugh and look at the camera, and I have a gallery of edited proofs in 24-48hrs!!"

Senior Session


"I love that you made Sophie feel at ease during her session. You were able to capture her natural beauty and nothing felt staged or un-natural about any of her photos. Being able to sit down with you after to talk about packages and ordering options was great, I never felt pressured to order anything that I didn't want. Thank you for all the time you spent with us."

Family Session


"Stephanie is amazing to work with. She is always there to guide me through every process. I'm always blown away at the images she creates during our session."

Family Session


"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I love the way that you interacted with Calvin!"

Milestone Session


"Stephanie was great for my son’s two year milestone! She let him warm up to his surroundings and met his needs (aka snacks and toys). She let him explore and didn’t pressure him or I to get the session done. It was a very relaxed and easy-going session!"

Class of 2021


"My session with Stephanie was amazing! I love how comfortable she made the session! My photos were amazing and they fit me and Jacob so well! She captured moments that fit us perfectly! I would most definitely highly recommend her for any type of photo session you need! it was also great to catch up and talk to her!"


You Deserve the best

During these sessions, our work together is largely unposed! If you want images of all of you looking at the camera, we can definitely make that happen. But, the bulk of our time will be spent on your love, and documenting it for generations to come.