1. How many images should I expect to see in my online gallery?

Depends! Each session is so different, you would expect to see more images in an Extended Family Session than a newborn session. I tend to take lots of photos so that I don't miss a moment, however, only the best of the best make it to your gallery.

Family, Senior, and Documentary Sessions expect to see 50+ images while Newborn and Child Portrait tend to be around 30+ depending on the child. 

Weddings you can expect 50 images per hour of coverage. 

2. What does "Complementary ARtwork Credit" mean?

As a professional photographer I have access to print labs exclusively for photographers only. I have calibrated my screen so the colors I see when I am editing are the colors you will see when you print. Many consumer labs are not very consistent with their colors and what you see on your computer many not be what you get. I do not have one lab that I use, I have researched and handpicked each lab on the product or print you are purchasing.  

3. do I have to print my images through you?

No way! Your high resolution digital files come with a personal print release. However, when you print your digital files on your own, I cannot guarantee the print quality of the lab. I do have a list of personal print labs that I suggest but it depends on what type of print your printing, so just ask!

5. Do you back up your files?

Do I have anxiety? Just in case you didn't know, YES! Of course I back up my files. When I get home after a session, I put your HUGE original files on 2 different back up drives and keep them on my memory card until I deliver your gallery. Once your gallery is delivered, I move the files and I back up on 2 drives and a cloud service for up to 6 months. Honestly, I keep them as long as possible but can only guarantee up to 6 months. So you should also back up your photos on a drive AND a cloud service. :)

6. What Gear do you use?

I shoot with 2 different cameras with multiple lenses. I own 6+ memory cards to use in my cameras because I don't delete sessions off my camera until they are delivered. I shoot with a Nikon Z6 and a Nikon Z6ii. This means that my Zii has a back up memory card to insure that your images will not be lost from your session. Remember the anxiety part?  I make sure I plan for the worst and expect the best. I use a lens that allows me to get up and personal for newborns and portraits. Then I have a super long zoom lens that allows me to step back and let the magic happen at your session. I make sure my lenses can "open wide" so you have that creamy background in your photos and the image focuses on the subject, you! 

*Gear Disclaimer- it is not the camera that creates the images. It is me, the artist, behind the camera bringing out your true personality while also using my extensive knowledge of my gear. I prioritize my camera lens over my camera any day. 

7. What if my husband or significant other doesn't like to dress up?

These photos are not for me, these photos are for YOU and YOUR family. You get to show up in whatever you want to wear to your session. And I get to document you as you are. My style guide is only a suggestion that can guide you to make cohesive choices. But it's your choice! Wear the pjs, show up without shoes, wear the hat, wear the jeans, etc. I want your images to capture your life, not what you think you should look like.  

Freaquently Asked Questions 

4. What is included in the albums?

8x8 Albums come standard with 10 layflat spreads. There is an option of up to 40 spreads per album at an additional fee. 

10x10 Albums come standard with 20 layflat spreads and also the option for up to 40 spreads with an additional fee. 

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