Preschools In and Around Batesville, IN

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Enchanted Childhood

Do your kiddos love the outdoors? Then this is the perfect school for them Dawn Koch fostures a play based curriculum that is nature-centered. Activities and learning are child-led. Enchanted Childhood is located in Oldenburg, IN

Ms. Sarah’s Schoolhouse.

Inside Crossroads Church on IN-229, Ms. Sarah has an amazing program for young learners. Ms. Sarah has both an AM/PM option for preschool as well as a T/R or M/W/F option depending on the child’s age. Ms. Sarah’s has a child centered curriculum with a hands-on approach to learning. There are monthly field trips, integrated Spanish and ASL, cooking in the classroom, and so much more!

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St. Louis Preschool

While at St. Louis Preschool, children will learn through creative play and exploration. The program fosters independence and decision-making skills. As students transition from toddlerhood to kindergarten, students will engage in age appropriate Catholic teachings. The program offers, depending on age, a T/R or M/W/F option with both an AM/PM availability. 

Land of Learning 

Land of Learning Preschool offers learning activities for children part of the day or all day. This is a bonus for working families that might have limited access to drop off and pick up times. Located on Eastern Ave in Batesville, IN, this school also offers a M/W/F option for 4 year olds and a T/R option for 3 year olds. 

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YMCA of Batesville, Indiana

The YMCA offers a Pre-School and a Pre-K program. They have many centers for activity and focus on the STEAM approach of learning through play. There is also whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction learning. The YMCA uses the Indiana Early LEarning Foundation Standards. 

The Bulldog Academy

This full day preschool is located in the Primary School of Batesville Community School. This program follows the BCSC calendar with 180 days of instruction. BCSC transportation is not provided for students. This program is great for students to easily transition to kindergarten since they are in the same building! 

One Step Two Step 

This program is taught by Carey Weiler. She offers a T/R option for 3 year olds and a MWF option for 4 year olds. An addition, she offers a half day or a full day option. Which is so great for working parents. One Step Two Step is location in Batesville, Indiana. 

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