Why I Chose to Birth at The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Cincinnati

The Christ Hospital Birthing Center

Nursing holding a newborn baby at The Christ Hospital Liberty

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. We just moved to the Cincinnati area and needed to find a new team of OBs. My husband and I did our research on hospitals in the area to find the best one for us to deliver at. We wanted a hospital that had great reviews of their birthing centers, but also one that values family-centered care. We chose The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Cincinnati because it seemed like the perfect match for what we were looking for!  One thing about this hospital is they are very supportive of natural births which made me feel more comfortable knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about unnecessary interventions or medications while delivering.

Two Amazing Locations at The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Cincinnati; Liberty and Downtown

The Christ Hospital has two amazing locations, I have birthed at both! During my 2016 and 2018 babies, I delivered at the downtown location. I loved the bright rooms after delivery and the OB office is right next door. I got to know the location well so when I was in labor, I could feel confident about where to go.

My 2020 Baby, I delivered at The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Liberty Campus. And WOW! I was able to labor, deliver, and receive my postpartum care in one room. No shifting of rooms hours after delivery. The rooms are plenty big and I never felt like I was trapped in a small room. The bathrooms were very luxurious, I felt like I was staying in a hotel.

Newborn at The Christ Hospital downtown
Newborn bay at The Christ Hospital Liberty

Family-centered care at The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Cincinnati

Since I delivered at both locations I can attest that family-centered care is important. My babies stayed in the room with me the whole time. I exceptionally loved that at the liberty campus, I was able to stay in the room same where I delivered for my postpartum care. This helped me remember the birth and the precious moments after birth during my postpartum stay. I was able to use Nitrous oxide for my 2016 baby for pain management. This was a great alternative to labor without an epidural.

Exceptional Maternity Care at The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Cincinnati

I love my OBs, they are absolutely amazing. I have never felt more comfortable with the team of doctors I saw. Each one of my appointments, I felt heard and listened to. The team would always answer my questions and go above and beyond. My fourth baby needed extra ultrasounds and the doctors did everything to help me understand my son’s condition. Being pregnant during a pandemic was so very hard, yet, the doctors did everything they could to keep me healthy, both mentally and physically.

Mother and father holding their newborn at The Christ Hospital Liberty Campus

The Christ Hospital Birthing Center Cincinnati is the hospital of choice for many expecting mothers. I was fortunate to experience family-centered care and exceptional maternity care during my pregnancy, which made this decision easy. If you are looking for a birth center that offers both options in Downtown or Liberty Campus, then check out their website today!

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