5 ways Shop for the Perfect Outfit for Your Family Photoshoot

Do you know that feeling when you’re about to take your family photos and everything is just not coming together? As a family photographer in Cincinnati, I would love to help you find the perfect outfits for your session.

Getting ready for a family photoshoot is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, you can have fun with your kids and put together an easy look that’s perfect for the occasion. Read on to learn more about five ways to get ready for your family photos! I’m here to help as a family photographer

Plan your outfits EARLY!

I cannot stress this enough, plan early. There is nothing like getting frustrated when the outfits are not coming together. I start months in advance to find outfits for my own family sessions. Then I continue to gather pieces over time so I do not get overwhelmed. I have 4 kids, they tend to require lots of details. I know many stores have 2-day shipping, however, you do not want to wait till the week of and hope you get all of your clothing and accessories.

Pick out a colors for your clothing

But how do you know what color scheme to pick? Well, take a look around your home. If you are wanting to display photos around your home, you’ll need to coordinate with your decor. For family photos, I tend to steer clear of patterns and loud prints. I try to pick solid colors that will mesh together with a range of other pieces.

Pick shoes that go with everything

When kids are buying new shoes for back to school, special occasions, etc. I like to always have a photo session in mind. I like to always have a pair of shoes that can go with anything. So that I am ready for the final touches of our outfits. Having matching shoes can really pull an outfit together.

Mix and match prints with solids.

Little girl holding her newborn brother
Family of 5 with coordinating outfits.

Do you have a romantic style? Use florals. Are you more traditional, than plaids are great. Do you enjoy more monochromatic looks, then grabs solids of the same tones. Depending on the number of people you are styling for, there might have to be more mixing and matching. For my large family of 6, I know that I have 2-3 of us in a print while 3-4 are in a solid color. This helps us coordinate but not match. I try not and match my girls with the same dresses because I like to get photos of my girls together and I’d like a coordinated look with them as well. But if you have a family of 3, two solids and one accent print is PERFECT

How I shop for my family.

I shop by first picking out an outfit for myself. I want to look and feel my best and sometimes if I’m not happy with how I feel, my mood is not that great and I do not want to pretend to be happy for our photos.

After I pick out my outfit, I go through and find family outfits based on the colors in my own outfit. This is what I do because the family photos are reflective of my family, so I want to incorporate my style into them.

Then I try and stick to a retailer, website, boutique that have all similar styles. Many stores will carry looks that are aesthetically pleasing and complement each other.

I find that men’s and boy’s clothing departments are very limited so I plan to shop for the next. Inevitably, I find some great looks at H&M, Old Navy, Macy’s, or Nordstrom. They have great basics.

Then when shopping for my girls, I can shop at boutique stores because they can carry a range of dresses, rompers, skirts, shorts, you name it.

family in a field during spring outside Cincinnati, Ohio
family in a field during fall outside Cincinnati, Ohio
family in a field during fall outside Cincinnati, Ohio

Shopping for your family can be a daunting task. There are so many choices, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details of what you should wear or buy rather than just enjoying time with them! Here are some tips I have learned over the years that help me keep my sanity while shopping with my kids. What about you? Do any of these resonate with how you shop for your own family?  

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