The Perennial Mom Styles for Every Mother

Child holding his parents hands in a field in Cincinnati

It’s been ages since moms have been putting their needs and choices at the bottom of the wishlist — sometimes even below their pets! And if styling makes that list at all, it lies right at the base of the “mom needs” basket. Trust me. I get it. Family comes first.

But we also believe that to bring fashion up that list, you don’t have to do much. Just a few basic tips, and you would be all set to rock with your girl pals in no time. So keep reading to know some hacks to bring back the diva hidden in you.

Child holding his parents hands in a field in Cincinnati

Mom Style Hacks

1. Know Yourself and Your Choices

Don’t push too hard to match the Cincy tribe. If you love casual, go casual with sneakers and baggy clothes. I’ve come across many new moms saying that they are a tad bit too obsessed with layering. Try denim jackets and long shrugs to add those layers.

2. Pick Evergreen Fashion Over Trends

Trending clothes last only a season, and as a mother going to shop every season can be overwhelming. Tees, shorts, jeans, etc., are timeless pieces that you can wear anytime, anywhere without worrying about the trends.

3. For a Breast-Feeding Mom, Camisoles are the Saviors

Pair them with button-down shirts to get a comfy yet stylish look. You can match the tank tops with all kinds of wardrobe items, making them quite flexible and useful. Camisoles in solid black and dark grey are must-haves for any mommy.

4. Tees Make Your Wardrobe Quirkier

Dressy tees with unusual features, including cutout sleeves, peplum detail, embroidery, and so on. A stylish tee is simple to pair with jeans for a quick special occasion look.

5. The New Fashion Statement — Mom Jeans

Not just in Cincinnati, mom jeans have become a style statement across the globe for all age groups and not just moms. As a mother, you need high-waisted jeans with a comfortable cut to avoid any oopsy moments with your kid.

6. Keep the Dress Game Strong

The most extraordinary silhouettes in dresses for moms are maxi dresses and shirt dresses. They offer coverage and are extremely comfy while you go about your daily tasks as a mother.

7. Leggings are Your Best Friends

I don’t think I need to say anything else at this point. Leggings are the uniform of mothers. They offer convenience, and the new fashion trend is all about casual comfort.

Wear leggings with an oversized tee, a faux leather jacket, and ankle-length boots for a night out. Alternatively, if the weather is toasty, pair the leggings with an oversized tee tied to one side and shoes.

8. Bigger Bags Please

You will have a lot more than your stuff in your bags now, including baby essentials. Totes and small backpacks look stylish and are easy to carry. The extra space is the key.

9. Keep the Heels in the Closet For a While

The best option is to live in a flat. Go ahead and run behind your toddler in heels if you’re comfortable with it, but this is not something all mothers can do.

Wear ballet flats or sandals with lesser heels to formal events. Basic hues like black, nude, and tan are always ideal to have on hand to match any outfit. Stick to sneakers and other nice flat sandals for ordinary jogging around town days.

Father with his four kids in a wheat field in Cincinnati

10. Don’t Forget the Bling

An ensemble is made up of well-chosen accessories. Even if your dress is simple, a nice necklace or pair of earrings can help to tie the look together. After the baby is born, stick to stud earrings and simple necklaces.

You can, however, wear large neck-pieces and heavy bracelets. A one-of-a-kind or statement piece of jewelry just adds a touch of whimsy to your ensemble.

Some Final Thoughts

Mom fashion is quite simple to understand — do what you desire and feel good in while keeping the trends aside. A classic Cincy mom can rock any outfit at any event with just the right amount of oomph and a dash of confidence.

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