Clothes Mentor-Sustainable Fashion: Find the perfect clothing for your upcoming photo session

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I know how important it is to feel confident in your clothes when you’re going into a photo session. One of my favorite places to visit when looking for clothing that is sustainable is Clothes Mentor Cincinnati. The great thing about their sustainable fashion is that the clothing they carry is trendy, high quality and designer brands. They recycle and reuse current fashions by using them over again, but with new trends and fresh styling ideas. All of their clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories are gently loved pieces that still look like they just came off the store rack!

*Why Sustainable Fashion?

There are a few reasons why sustainable fashion is so important. The first, and most obvious reason, is that it saves you money! Sustainable fashion pieces do not go out of style quickly like fast-fashion clothes tend to do. You can wear them year after year without having to replace your wardrobe every season.

The next reason is that it saves the environment. By recycling and reusing current fashions, they are creating a sustainable lifestyle for you to be proud of!

*How Sustainable Fashion Affects You

It may seem like your budget or personal sense of style would not make this change happen, but think about how much better you feel about your purchase. You can have that feel good, guilt-free feeling when you know the clothes you’re wearing were ethically made and purchased!

Their prices are unbeatable for high quality clothing of all sizes–Clothes Mentor wants to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone! They also carry shoes, handbags and accessories so if you need a little pick-me-up for your wardrobe, come on in!

The time is now to make this change and embrace sustainable fashion. You will not regret it!

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*Sustainable Fashion Tips

Clothes Mentor Cincinnati carries many styles of shoes at affordable prices so take a look around the store

There are so many ways you can help sustain the environment without going out of style or breaking the bank. The first tip is to always buy pieces that are in great shape, on trend or classic and timeless. When you know the brand well enough to spot quality fabrics and stitching it will be easy for you to tell if something should stay or go.

*Don’t forget about Clothes Mentor Cincinnati sustainable footwear!

This is an easy way to make sure you’re making a difference in the environment. They carry high quality, eco-friendly shoes that are made from organic materials and recycled plastic bottles!

*Lastly, buy Clothes Mentor Cincinnati sustainable accessories!

Sustainable fashion does not only mean clothing–it also means jewelry, scarves and hats too. It’s fun to find new ways to keep your style sustainable and fashionable!

Have you tried sustainable fashion yet? Take a look at Clothes Mentor Hyde Park’s webpage for more information and an online shop. Let me know of any clothing pieces you were able to snag while practicing a more sustainable lifestyle!

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