Best Things to Do in Cincinnati with Your Family

  1. Best Attractions to Visit in Cincinnati with Your Family
  • Carew Tower Observation Deck

Although it is the second-largest structure in the city, technically, it seems to be taller since it is Cincinnati’s highest skyscraper. And the panorama is spectacular. You can see in every direction on a clear day for kilometers!

Search the information desk at the primary level when you arrive at Carew Tower. Then go up to the 45th level using the next elevators. You may take a second tiny elevator from there or go up the 49th level on the steps. This is where you are going to buy your Observation Deck tickets. Be prepared because only cash is accepted.

  • Union Terminal Cincinnati Museum Center

Union Terminal Cincinnati Museum Center is just stunning. The Architecture and history in Art Deco is why it is the best location to visit in Cincinnati due to the recent refurbishment and other city attractions. The Cincinnati Museum Centre (three different museums) and OMNIMAX Theater are currently available, and the Cincinnati History Library and Archives were once built in 1933, a busy railway station.

little girl smiling in a dress up vet coat
Explore the Children’s Museum. Fun for all ages!

We have chosen Discovery Pass, the Cincinnati Center for History, the Museum of History and Science, and the Children’s Museum for our entrance into all the museums. These were all three of the museums. Each of them offers a different interactive and hands-on experience—ideal for keeping children and adults in mind.

The History Center Cincinnati provided us a delightful look into the city’s exciting past. There are dinosaur fossils, cellars to explore, and many other STEM activities at the Natural History and Sciences Museum. In comparison, many different displays were mainly developed for children at the Children’s Museum. Encourage children to learn by playing and exploring.

Located along the Ohio River, Cincinnati is a large town suitable for a pleasant family holiday in southern Ohio. Discover the magnificent parks and the bridges across the Ohio River, the Union Historic Terminal and museums, the Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium, and much more! There are many incredible things to do in Cincinnati amongst the restaurants, sights, and events your family loves.

  • Cincinnati Zoo
little girl and women feeding a giraffe

At the Cincinnati Zoo, there are so many unusual creatures like gorillas, manatees, autumns, giraffes, lions, elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinos. How active the animals were and how close we could reach them were highly impressive to us. In addition to your animals, you may also attend a performance at the 4-D Theatre or play on the children’s playground next to the Petting Zoo by Safari Train.

Penguins walking on sidewalk

Did you know, from January to March each year the Zoo has Penguin days? Dress warm and get there early to watch the Penguin Parade. Check out Cincinnati Zoo’s website for more information.

  • Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum

Were you aware of the earliest professional baseball team of Cincinnati Reds? They had several other firsts, including the first twentieth-century no-hitter, the first night game in the history of Major League, and the first in the history of Major League TV Baseball.

First and more at the museum, you will learn all about this. The team’s history was intriguing, and the design of the exhibit was terrific. We particularly loved the area to design our baseball cards and attempt to be a sports advertiser and a TV reporter.

  • Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum is in the lovely Eden Park and contains many artworks and numerous child-friendly styles. Make it even more exciting by designing your quest for art scarves. The scavenger hunt may be fully personalized and offers a pleasant time to stroll throughout the museum. Use the computer to select things, print the details, and build the booklet of scavenger hunting that will take you around the museum.

Families will also use the school center housed in the first level of the museums with small children. Children can participate in numerous hands-on painting and craft activities.

  • Newport Aquarium

Located across the bridge in Newport, KY offers enough to offer in the award-winning aquarium with 60+ items, several contact tanks, play areas, and even the sealing bridge over the hedge tank. We loved the several tanks, where the starfish, sticks, shoe crabs, anemones, and shrimp were close together. The octopus, which was highly active and moved across the tank to give us a show, was another highlight.

Take notice of the unique shows and feed schedules, timings, and places upon your arrival—that way, some special animal encounters can be enjoyed.

  1. Best Parks to Visit with Family In Cincinnati
  • Smale Riverfront Park

There is something at this riverfront park for all ages. Pass the promenade along the bank of the river, take in the gorgeous panorama of Cincinnati and Newport, take pleasure in the smell of the greenery and the aromatic flowers, splash the fountain, walk across the Roebling Suspension Bridge, and experience a “flying pig.” Take a bottle of water and a couple of hours of food and enjoy the park.

  • Washington Park

In downtown Over the Rhein neighborhood, Washington Park is located. The Park has plenty of green areas, water supplies to be refreshed, a dog park closed off, and a children’s playground. The Park hosts several free activities all year round and is an excellent spot to spend the afternoon.

  • Eden Park

In this park, you can see the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Playhouse, and Krohn Conservatory. If a journey to one of these sites is planned, ensure that you spend time in the park during your visit.

  • Krohn Conservatory
little girl posing on the steps with sun behind her

The Krohn Conservatory, located in Eden Park, provides butterfly enthusiasts a unique experience. Watch 12,000 butterflies fly about you in the butterfly house, and if you are fortunate, you could land on it. Besides the butterflies, you pass through the three distinct regions of the planet with diverse flora and flowers.

  1. Best Places To Eat With Family In Cincinnati
  • Revolution Rotisserie

You must eat at Revolution Rotisserie if you enjoy chicken. They are famous for their excellent chicken rotisserie. It has been served entirely, crushed, even cooked. The Marie Curie Chicken (Chitas) and the Lightning Fried Chicken were among our favorite meals. Make yourself a favor and command the crooked Brussels as a side dish. They are tasty! Bonus, the eatery is located within walking distance to Washington Park.

  • Cincinnati Style Chilli

You must sample chili style and make sure you order it five ways if you visit Cincinnati. You may think, “Why does the chilli I cook at home differ?” According to the eatery, Cincy Chile is soupy and includes a creative add like spaghetti, hot dogs, loads of crushed cheese. It frequently has a taste of cinnamon, goats, spices, and chocolate occasionally. It is going to be different from any chili you have ever tasted, as you may anticipate.

  • Eli’s BBQ

This award-winning BBQ restaurant is modest and oh so wonderful in a tiny district on Riverside Drive. Ribs and pork pulled were excellent, and we have had some of the most fantastic BBQ ever. The outdoors of the dining area is vast, with background music that creates a pleasant mood for dinners. Consider ordering from the Family Style menu when feeding a large party.

  • Moerlein Lager House

The location and views are superb at a convenient position facing Smale Park. We liked the wings and excellent meat and cheeseboard completely, for starters. The burgers were delicious, and the servings for children were big. The Moerlein Lager House also provides fantastic cuisine, a working microbrewery that produces a whole array of craft beers.

  • Graeter’s Ice Cream
two little girls eating ice cream

Providing some of the most incredible ice creams of Cincinnati. Since 1870, Graeter has produced excellent handmade ice cream. There are many different flavors, and the size of the servings is correct. Some of our most favorite tastes include buckeye blitz, black raspberry, and maple cinnamon crunch. Make sure that when you visit your Saison-limited tastes.

  • Hello Honey Ice Cream

Another excellent homemade cup of ice cream in town. The aromas are inventive and distinct, the cones fresh. A marshmallow may also be added to the head of the cone, toasted just before serving it. Please notice that this ice cream shop is not open at a late date.


This was a list of some of the finest attractions to visit in Cincinnati with your family. Stay away from restlessness and slowness with our list of locations in Cincinnati for your tween or your adolescent. This list is by no means complete, of course, so let us know your preferred sites for the older ones! We hope you enjoyed this article.

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