As a busy parent, I understand how chaotic photo days can be. And I want to be able to order very similar photos of each child in each sport. So I made a solution! Come to me on ONE day, and I will take your child's photos in their favorite outfits, sports uniforms, dance costumes, or even other extracurricular activities that might not offer photos. 

I offer simple, classic, and detailed backgrounds to complement the sports uniform. 

These sessions can be individualized to each sport.  

Your one-stop for extracurricular photos! 

Sports and other Extra Curricular

As a reminder, Stephanie Prickel Photography will not post your child's face. We strive to keep your child's digital footprint minimal. 

Pricing Info

Spring/Summer Save the Date - June 9

As a busy parent. I understand how chaotic photo days can be.  And I want to be able to order very similar photos of each child in each sport. So I made a solution! Come to my on ONE day and I will take your child's photos in their favorite outfits, sports uniforms, dance costumes, or even other extra-curricular activities that might not offer photos. 

I offer simple classic backgrounds and also detailed backgrounds to complement the sport uniform. 

These sessions can be individualized to each sport.  

Your one-stop for extracurricular photos! 

Sports and other Extra Curricular

Pricing Info

Spring/Summer Save the Date - June 9

What to expect

Select Your Time Slot

I only offer these sessions on a limited basis (spring and late fall). Gather all of the activities to plan your photoshoot. Each sport/costume/outfit change is considered one slot. So, if there are three dance costumes, please schedule three-time slots.
Each time slot requires a non-refundable retainer. 




Before your session

Gather all of your uniforms/costumes/outfits. Don't forget the accessories! I will have essential equipment (football, baseball bat, basketball, soccer ball, etc.). However, if you have special props or equipment for your child, please bring those with you. (For example, if they want THEIR soccer ball, please bring it.) You may also bring additional props that you'd like to include. I cannot guarantee that they will work within the set, but I will do my best. 


Please be prepared in your costume or uniform, and be ready to go when you arrive. I will have poses to suggest. However, I enjoy it when kids develop poses that match their personalities. I have a small changing area if there is a need to switch to a different costume or even a new sport! 

Editing & Photo Delivery

I will select the best pose from my shots and hand edit your photos with light retouching. Don't worry; I will not "photoshop" your child's face. I tend to edit with bold and bright colors and sharpen my eyes.



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I am married to my college sweetheart. We met in a class while at Ball State and the rest is history :)

He is my calm within the storm, my rock, and the one that keeps me rational. 

I am so privileged to be on this roller coaster of life with him. He defiantly keeps me on my toes and his presence everyday encourages me to take the less "planned" track and be more spontaneous.

He is my biggest fan and supports me and my creative soul. 

More about me!

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my kids

I became a mother in 2014 and have had a baby every two years up until 2020. That's 4 kids, if you're counting. I never would have thought I'd have a mini van full of little humans but here I am. 

I am striving to become a better person each and every day for the little humans that live in my house.  

Life is never a dull moment with you have kids in the house. My kids surprise me daily with the things that they say and do but it's the surprises each day that fill my heart full with love. 

More about me!

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Throwback alert!

I grew up dancing. As a kid, I spent 4-6 days a week at the studio. Dancing fulfills my soul, even to this day. You will find that I will play music at our sessions to help get more natural movements in our poses. 

Dance has always been a part of my life. I even majored in dance while at Ball State! 

My dance moves have evolved since becoming a mother, however, but I still have a gnarly kick ball change. 

More about me!

I love to travel. I love to see the world. And I always bring my camera :) 

I love the beach, the mountains, the valleys, you name it, I want to visit it. 

If I won the lottery, I would buy a beach house somewhere I could hear the ocean every night. There is something about looking off into the ocean with infinity stretched out into the horizon. 

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Exploring new places

More about me!

Book a Session!

Baseball, Basketball, Cheer, Cross Country, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Soccer, Neutural

Each time slot is 5 minutes & includes one outfit with one pose. 
To reserve your time slot, a $15 non-refundable retainer is required. 

Your one stop for extra curricular photos! 

Pricing Information

4 - Wallets................. $9.35+tax
4 - 3.5x5..................... $9.35+tax
2 - 5x7....................... $9.35+tax
1 - 8x10..................... $9.35+tax
Digital Image ........... $20

Prints & Digitals

"Stephanie has been so easy to work with! My kids always love being in front of the camera until it comes to professional pictures. BUT… Stephanie has a special way of getting them to open up and be themselves, which I have been so grateful for. There have been times I go home and think “I hope we got at least one good one.” And there are always so many ‘good’ ones to choose from, because Stephanie does amazing work! "

"Stephanie is great to work with. She creates a fun photo shoot and captures casual and relaxed photos. She has a wonderful way of making everyone smile and have a good time - even the moody teenager! I highly recommend Stephanie - she is very responsive, provides a great variety of purchase options, and quickly edits and provides pictures to her clients. "


“Stephanie is so great to work with when trying to capture the most important moments in your life. We had such a relaxed and fun session. Stephanie was easy going and took the stress and awkwardness out of taking pictures. The location that she chose for our photos was beautiful and was exactly what I described to her for what I was looking for. Her editing skills are amazing and she got our photos back to us very quickly! She was always very quick to respond anytime I messaged her and was always very helpful in answering any of my questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend using Stephanie to capture all of your most memorable moments in your life! We had a great experience with her! I cherish the pictures that she captured for my husband and I.”


"I absolutely LOVE working with Stephanie!! She is phenomenal at capturing great candid photos with young children both cooperating and not! She makes everyone feel at ease, able to get the kids to laugh and look at the camera, and I have a gallery of edited proofs in 24-48hrs!!"

"I love that you made Sophie feel at ease during her session. You were able to capture her natural beauty and nothing felt staged or un-natural about any of her photos. Being able to sit down with you after to talk about packages and ordering options was great, I never felt pressured to order anything that I didn't want. Thank you for all the time you spent with us."


"We had so much fun with Stephanie. She captured our laughter and love in her photos. I am excited to put these photos in our home."

"Stephanie is amazing to work with. She is always there to guide me through every process. I'm always blown away at the images she creates during our session."

"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I love the way that you interacted with Calvin!"


"Stephanie was great for my son’s two year milestone! She let him warm up to his surroundings and met his needs (aka snacks and toys). She let him explore and didn’t pressure him or I to get the session done. It was a very relaxed and easy-going session!"

"My session with Stephanie was amazing! I love how comfortable she made the session! My photos were amazing and they fit me and Jacob so well! She captured moments that fit us perfectly! I would most definitely highly recommend her for any type of photo session you need! it was also great to catch up and talk to her!"


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